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200-year-old Bathroom Unearthed in Yazd

Mohsen Abbasi told Mehr News Agency on Tuesday that the bathroom seemed to be sui generis, “since Qajar houses rarely had bathrooms inside”.

“During the maintenance works at the Shamsaei House, as the locals call it, one of the buildings belonging to the Faculty of Arts and Architecture, University of Yazd, we found new features, including a two-century bathroom in the basement of the house — a unique feature of the building,” said the professor.

“The bathroom is located on the north side of the house at a depth of about five meters and covers an area of about 30 square meters,” he added.

Interestingly, he said, the bathroom possessed all main components of traditional baths, including a square or octagonal place called ‘rahrow’ or corridors, ‘garmkhaneh’ or hot room, ‘khazineh’ or pool, and an ‘ojagh’ or hearth.

“The bathroom has a limited capacity of three to four people at once or of a household. It was buried for a long time, and fortunately, it has sustained the least damage during decades, which indicates that the place will require minimal intervention in restoration and conservation process to be renewed,” Abbasi said.

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