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“Bab’Aziz” star Parviz Shahinkhu dies at 101

“He passed away in the early hours of Saturday while he was bedridden over the past month,” his daughter, Mina, told MNA.

Shahinkhu’s last public appearance was in last September when he attended the 17th Iran Cinema Celebration, during which his 100th birthday was also celebrated.

Shahinkhu was also famous for his parts in the popular series “Qarib’s Life”, filmmaker Kianush Ayyari’s biopic on Mohammad Qarib (1909-1974), the founder of pediatrics in Iran, and Amrollah Ahmadju’s “Once Upon a Time” about Hesam Beik and Morad Beik, the leaders of two major bandit gangs that attacked travelers before Reza Shah came to power in Iran in 1925.

Born in 1915, he acted in “Haji Agha, the Cinema Actor” (1934) and “Abi and Rabi” (1935) Iran’s first and second movies directed by Ovanes Oganians, a Russian-Armenian migrant.

He played the parts of many wise characters in dozens of movies, telefilms and series.

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