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Category: Culture and Art

Travel to Iran by a Private Train – The Persian Caravan on Rail!

Travelling with the Persian Caravan Train is a unique way to uncover the story of Iran. The tour is offered by SURFIRAN travel and tours which is a well-respected tour operator and travel agency in Iran in cooperation with Parsyad Co.

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Comedy King Mehran Modiri Departs from TV


He is currently working as director and host for the sketch comedy and celebrity talk show “Dorehami” (“Gathering”), which is broadcast on the Nasim Channel.

Speaking on Friday night on Haft (Seven), a TV program that reviews Iranian cinema and TV productions, he said, “I will not work for a TV or the home video network anymore after I finish my work with ‘Dorehami’.”  

He said the he would pursue his career in cinema by making a feature every year.

“I have been working 360 days out of 365 over the past years of my life and now, I think I should take a break,” he added.

“In my path to filmmaking, I intend to speak louder and more biting in the fields of politics and culture,” he stated.

“TV has no place for these words and its limitations do not allow these words to be spread,” he noted.    

Modiri made his directorial debut in TV in the early 1990s with “Flight 57”, a popular series that introduced those actors, including Reza Attaran and Reza Shafijam, which later turned into the pillars of many comedy productions.

He soon improved his acting and directorial career so that his name on the title of each TV production would be enough to convince Iranian viewers to watch it. However, his works gained part of their credit from scripts written by the Qasemkhani brothers, Peyman and Mehrab.  

In 2008, Modiri switched to the home video network following a disagreement with officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting.

He made several series, including “Bitter Coffee” and “I Was Joking”, during which he criticized some social issues in Iran. 

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif paid tribute to Modiri by visiting him on the set of “I Was Joking” in Tehran in December 2013.

In 2015, he returned to TV with “On the Margin”, a sitcom on the Iranian medical community that caused outrage among Iranian doctors.

Now, Modiri plans to try his hand in the motion picture industry with a comedy titled “5 P.M.”.

In his talks with Haft host Behruz Afkhami, he described the comedy as a “difficult street film,” for which he should hire 600 to 700 extras.

“The film depicts a man in the last hours that he has to carry out a task,” he stated.

Photo: Comedian Mehran Modiri (R) is seen talking with host Behruz Afkhami on Haft, a TV program that reviews Iranian cinema and TV productions, on July 22, 2016.   

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Adaptation of Camus’ “A Happy Death” on Stage at Tehran Theater


“Algeria” has been rewritten by Milad Farajzadeh, who is also the director of the play, and tells the story of a young Algerian, Mersault, who defies society’s rules by committing a murder and escaping punishment, then experimenting with different ways of life and finally dying a happy man.

“The idea for the play was formed two years ago when I made a study about works by Camus and I discovered his first novel, ‘A Happy Death’,” Farajzadeh told the Persian service of Honaronline on Saturday.

“The novel presents an unfamiliar story dealing with some very complicated issues. I took a free adaptation of the story and changed the name as well,” he added.

“A Happy Death” (original title La mort heureuse) is the study of a rule-bound being shattering the fetters of his existence; it is also a remarkably candid portrait of its author as a young man.

Mahin Fatemi, Herad Selah-Varzi, Amin Saremi, Mona Karami, Ghazal Mirzai and Mohammad-Hossein Sepanj are the main actors of the play.

The play will be on stage until August 12 at the Molavi Hall located at 16th Azar St., Enqelab Ave.

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Iranian Groups Win Awards at World Choir Games


The Tehran Vocal Ensemble conducted by Milad Omranlu won silver medals in the categories Musica Sacra a cappella, Musica Contemporanea, and Jazz, while the Parse Choir Group conducted by Tayyeb Faqih received a silver medal in the category Folklore with Accompaniment.

About 300 ensembles from China, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Russia, Afghanistan, Armenia and several other countries performed during the World Choir Games this year.

The Tehran Vocal Ensemble and the Parse Choir Group have previously been acclaimed at many major international events.

Earlier last October, Parse received the Diploma of Silver III in the Folklore Category at the Canta Al Mar International Choir Festival in Barcelona.

The Tehran Vocal Ensemble received a gold medal in the Mixed Choir Category of the 11th International Folksong Choir Festival in Barcelona in 2009.

It also won a gold medal at the Mixed Chamber Choirs section and a silver medal at the Folklore section of the 2nd Asian Choir Games in South Korea in July 2009.


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Music Turns Spotlight on Urmia Environmental Ruin

Department of the Environment Director Masumeh Ebtekar and some ranking officials from the city of Urmia attended the performance conducted by Bulgarian musician Ivan Iliev.

“By composing this piece, I wanted to stir a cultural movement; I wanted to express my concern about the crisis,” Sharifian said during a press conference that the organizer, the Rudaki Foundation, held last week to brief the media about the concert.

“Lake Urmia is one the richest geographical regions of our country and I have always been very interested in it and I have lots of pleasant memories of my stays in this amazing region,” he added.

The concert was also organized to commemorate various tribes living in the Urmia region, the organizers said.

“In this region, you can see different ethnic groups and tribes living in peace beside each other,” Sharifian stated.

In addition, Mohammad Karimi, the director of the West Azarbaijan Department of Culture and Islamic Guidance, expressed his hope that the concert could help save Lake Urmia from environmental ruin.

The orchestra was even greener when it continued with a performance of Sharifian’s “In the Jungle”.        


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Iran to Attend Frankfurt Book Fair along with 70 Countries

Considered as the biggest book fair in the world, the gala will be held from October 19-23, IRNA wrote.
Amir-Masoud Shahramnia said that Iran has been taking part in the event for 11years and a special pavilion has been designated for displaying Irani…

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Best 5 and 4 Star Hotels in Yazd, Iran

Yazd is a city of magnificent mosques, Zoroastrian culture, carpet shops and ancient Persian wind towers, which ventilate houses through turrets oriented toward the prevailing valley winds and traditional guesthouse middle of deserts. Stay in one of the traditional buildings in the city of Yazd can be a memorable experience during your travel to Iran. Here are five unique hotels in the Yazd that shine like a pearl in middle of the desert in Iran.

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Iran Nomad Tour – Living with the Qashqai Tribes

Nomads (Kooch Neshinan) in Iran are a group of people who travel and move from one place to another along with their tribe, family and all their belongings. Kooch Neshini (Nomadism) is the tribal lifestyle and their economy is based on herding. Shifting from one place to another and moving as a large group are the most important aspects of Nomadic life.

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Iran’s Cinema Verite Plans to Invite British Broadcaster David Attenboro

The request has been made by a number of Iranian documentarians and naturalists, the Public Relations office of Cinema announced in a press release on Monday.

According to the secretary of the festival Mohammad- Mehdi Tabatabainejad, the organizers have welcomed the idea and will be inviting the naturalist as a special guest of the festival.

It is hoped that the British documentarian accepts the invitation and attend the workshops due to be arranged during the festival to transfer his knowledge to Iranian filmmakers.

Sir David Attenborough celebrated his 90th birthday in May 2016. In a body of work spanning seven decades and more than 100 series, Attenborough has come face to face with thousands of extraordinary species, and has created some of the most unforgettable moments in television. 

Some of his most famous docs include “David Attenborough: The Early Years” (2013), “Africa” (2013), “Frozen Planet” (2011), “Attenborough and the Giant Egg” (2011), “Planet Earth” (2006), “The Life of Mammals” (2002) and “The Private Life of Plants” (1995).

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