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Category: Traveling in Iran

Travel to Iran by a Private Train – The Persian Caravan on Rail!

Travelling with the Persian Caravan Train is a unique way to uncover the story of Iran. The tour is offered by SURFIRAN travel and tours which is a well-respected tour operator and travel agency in Iran in cooperation with Parsyad Co.

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Bartolone Visits Iran’s Historic Ex-Capital Isfahan

“There are 107 cities and 833 villages and residential areas in Isfahan Province of Iran which homes 5 million of Iran’s population,” said Rasoul Zargarpour, Governor-general of the province, in his meeting with President of French National Assembly Claude Bartolone late on Wednesday in the renowned hotel of Isfahan, Abbasi Hotel.

According to MNA, the Iranian official boasted that Isfahan is a center for production of gold, steel, milk, chicken, egg, and oil derivatives in Iran which also homes some of best universities and peaceful nuclear plants of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

“We are also willing to accept sisterhood of one of French cities with Isfahan to develop technology and culture relations,” said Zargarpour, “as Isfahan is in partnership with 14 cities across the world.”

The Governor-general of the province also referred to air routes between many cities around the world and Isfahan, especially opened after the successful implementation of the Iran-Sextet agreement of July 14, 2015, known as the JCPOA (the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action), and called for establishment of a direct route between one of French cities and Isfahan to improve tourism industry of both countries. 

“Good agreements were made during the visit of the French Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, Ségolène Royal, to Isfahan and Isfahan is willing to expand cooperation in areas of reducing air-pollution, and resolving water and irrigation problems,” asserted the Iranian official.

Accompanied by the head of France-Iran parliamentary friendship group and members of France defense commission and foreign policy, Claude Bartolone, in this meeting, for his part, referred to the vast potentials of cooperation between Iran and France and reassured that the two countries can have good interaction in the areas of water, agriculture, and environment.

“The visit of the French Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, Ségolène Royal, to Iran was in pursuance with developing interactions,” reassured Bartolone, “water crisis is the problem of many countries and as a result joint meetings are necessary to address the issue.”

Saying that many French, whether investors, culture-lovers, or from other walks of life, are eager to travel to Isfahan, Bartolone speculated that French visitors are a big part of travelers to Isfahan.

“We have to believe that tourism not only helps economy flourish but also established peace and serenity in the world,” asserted the French top parliamentarian.

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Central Desert Expedition From Rig-E Jenn To Yazd In 7 Days

Exploring both nature and culture of central parts of Iran will take us all the way into one of the deepest and most pristine deserts which has not been crossed by humans until a few years ago. We will experience why Rig-Jen desert was abandoned during history.

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Austrian Bands to Perform in Tehran

BartolomeyBittmann composed of cellist Matthias Bartolomey and violin virtuoso Klemens Bittman will give a performance on September 15.

According to Tehran Times, Square Waltz featuring Maria Salamon on violin, Hannes Laszakovits on bass, and Marc Bruckner on clarinet and percussion is scheduled to perform on September 20. 

BartolomeyBittmann did a gig at Tehran’s Vahdat Hall on August 15.

The duet’s fusion of rock and pop jazz was warmly received by concertgoers in Tehran during the 31st Fajr International Music Festival earlier in February.

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Amir Naderi Honored at Venice Film Festival

According to Tehran Times, the award ceremony took place in the Sala Grande (Palazzo del Cinema), before the Out of Competition screening of his new film “Monte” in its world premiere showing in Venice, organizers have announced on the website.

“Naderi gave a fundamental impetus to the birth of New Iranian Cinema during the 1970s and 80s with a number of masterpieces destined to leave their mark on the history of cinema,” said Alberto Barbera, Director of the Venice Film Festival.

“Every film he has made clearly displays the nucleus of an identical obsession that transcends the principle of reality in order to force individuals beyond their own limits,” Barbera added.

Naderi’s new film “Monte” tells a dramatic story of a man who makes every attempt to bring the sunlight into his village, where his family is barely able to survive because of the prevailing darkness.

In 2014, “Monte” was one of the projects selected for the Venice Gap-Financing Market, a sideline program of the festival that offers filmmakers funding opportunities for the final production stage of their projects.

“Harmonica” (1970), “Waiting” (1974), “The Runner” (1985), “Water, Wind, Soil” (1989), “Sound Barrier” (2005) and “Cut” (2011) are among Naderi’s noteworthy credits.

The “Jaeger-LeCoultre Glory to the Filmmaker” award was established ten years ago to honor personalities who have made a significant contribution to contemporary cinema. Previous winners include Kitano Takeshi from Japan and Al Pacino from the United States.

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Iranian Movies in Intl. Film Festivals: September

“A Moment,” produced by Ardebil office of Iranian Young Cinema Society (IYCS), and ‘Survival,’ a product of Tehran’s office of IYCS will compete with short movies from Peru, France, India, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, Russia, Canada, Portugal, Czech Republic, Australia, and the US in competitive section of the festival, which focuses on movies less than 30 minutes long.

Planos, international fiction short-film festival of Tomar – aims to spread and promote new short-films in the city of Tomar, through competition as well as guest films. The festival is organized by Tripé productions with the support of Tomar’s county, taking place September 16-17, 2016, MNA reported.

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Darugheh House in Mashhad Wins UNESCO Conservation Award

A total of 13 winning projects from six countries – Australia, China, India, Iran, Japan and Pakistan – have been recognized in this year’s Heritage Awards. A panel of international conservation experts met in Bangkok to review the 40 Heritage Awards entries, including 34 in the Conservation category and six for New Design.

According to UNESCO, the conservation of Darugheh House has reinstated a significant component of the historical townscape of Mashhad. Based on in-depth historical research, verified through archaeological excavation, the project preserved the original building’s scale and footprint with a focus on the retention of original materials and reuse of materials from demolished adjacent buildings. Local artisans specializing in traditional architectural decoration carried out the work, and new features were carefully identified in keeping with established conservation practice. Amidst the rapid pace of development now transforming Mashhad, the restored Darugheh House provides validation for the continuing relevance of traditional spaces in contemporary urban life.

Meanwhile, the restoration of the Sanro-Den Hall at Sukunahikona Shrine in Ozu City, Japan, Ehime Prefecture has received the Award of Excellence in this year’s UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation.

Duong Bich Hanh, Chair of the Jury and Chief of UNESCO Bangkok’s Culture Unit, said she was pleased to see the Heritage Awards encourage good conservation practices in the region. “Jury members were delighted with the quality of this year’s entries to the Heritage Awards,” Ms. Hanh said. “This showed increased knowledge and higher standards in conservation work across Asia-Pacific.”.

This year’s Award of Excellence winner, the Sanro-Den Hall, a prayer hall at Sukunahikona Shrine in Ozu City, Ehime Prefecture, is an exceptional example of community stewardship enlisted in the conservation of a heritage site of unique architectural and cultural value. The project epitomizes the efficacy of grass-roots advocacy, coupled with traditional building practices, in extending the life of distinctive 20th-century Kakezukuri structure, successfully returning it to a central place in the cultural life of the local community.

Jury members also agreed to revise the regulations regarding how old a site must be to be eligible for the awards, reflecting a growing awareness in the conservation field of the importance of recognizing cultural heritage that is less than 50 years old, which is in growing danger. The revised regulations will be available via the UNESCO Bangkok website at the end of this year, and will be applied to entries submitted for next year’s awards.

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