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First Neanderthal Settlement Uncovered in Noshahr

Head of an archeological team in Mazandaran, Hamed Vahdati-Nasab told Mehr News Agency that a stone tool cutting workshop had earlier been discovered by a British expedition six decades ago in Kiaram site of Golestan Province, miles away from the present site which archeologists had accidently come across.

"The cultural material providing evidence of a Neanderthal settlement were discovered when an archeology student from Marlik College of Noshahr was strolling in the mountains in the vicinity of Bandpey, Noshahr. Fatemeh Shojaeifar stumbled upon some stone tools," he elaborated.

"Preliminary examinations and a visit to the site by Mohammad Qamari-Fatideh, a professor of archeology at University of Mazandaran, Babolsar, revealed that the site contained ample evidence."

This is the first report of the discovery of a Paleolithic site in northern massifs of central Alborz, he added.

"The archeological team conducted a week-long exploration, which led to the discovery of stone tools over an area much wider than earlier thought," Vahdati-Nasab said.

"Our estimates show that the area would hold hundreds of thousands of stone tools of the Neanderthals. Most stone tools belong to mid-Paleolithic era (250,000-40,000 years ago), when Neanderthal man thrived," he added.

"Easy access to raw material and food staples would justify the extensive activities of Neanderthal man in the region," he concluded.

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