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German Troupe to Perform Shadow Puppetry for Children in Tehran

According to Teran Times, German director Peter Muller and his colleague puppeteer Marie Feldt will perform the play for the children, while they will be attending two workshops, which have been arranged for the teachers of the institute on August 25 and 26.

“A King’s Journey” is an adventurous journey around half the world with more than 60 shadow figures.

“The story is set in a special country, a country where all the citizens wear watering cans and umbrellas. On weekdays, also on weekends, all the time, in fact. It seems to be the law. The country also has a king who is quite remarkable. He had never left his castle before, and when one day the tower falls apart, the king tumbles down through the earth to the other side!

“Ms. Care, the women who looks after him, also falls. Having arrived on the other side of the earth, both of them want to go home. This means traveling halfway around the world! But for someone like our king this is not easy at all,” reads part of the synopsis of the play.

The troupe has so far performed the play in many countries including France, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Austria and Serbia.

The National Center of ASSITEJ (the International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People) in Iran in collaboration with the German Embassy in Tehran have organized the program.

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