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Iran Appointed to Executive Boards of Three Int’l Theater Centers

The 22nd UNIMA Congress, which was attended by over 100 countries from five continents, was held on May 28-June 5 in Tolosa, Spain. In the session, Head of Iran's UNIMA Hamidreza Ardalan became a member of the executive and heritage conservation committees until 2020, IRNA wrote.

UNIMA elects 18 members of the executive committee and 16 expert committees to manage the union for four years.

Iran's Association of Theater Critics has been a member state of IATC since 2011and has participated in several meetings and seminars to communicate with prominent world critics.

Although the head of the Iranian association, Mehdi Nassirian failed to attend the last IATC meeting, Iran's membership fees for 2016 and 2017 has been paid by Iran's Department of Performing Arts.

The next IATC congress, in which the managers will be selected, will be held in early September in Serbia.

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