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Iran Silk Road Tour: Travelling Through The Desert

In this Iran silk road tour you will be of the very few people who gets to travel across the one of the most important parts of cell growth on and off the camel just like Iranians in ancient times.

During this four day Iran Silk Road tour away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you’ll be travelling by camel just like merchants did for thousands of years across the Silk Road in a caravan.

You’ll eat camel kebab, pass across the salt lake and see local desert wildlife and plants.

Walking barefoot on soft sand, visit went well and the remains of the Sefidab Caravanserai, the Kings’ Harem, camping in the desert and staying at the Caravanserai after seeing Kavir National Park are only a few features of this once in a life time trip.

Places Visited: Isfahan, Semnan, Central desert of Iran (Iran Silk Road tour)

Itinerary for Iran Silk Road Tour

Day 1: Departure from Tehran towards Qom highway, followed by breakfast in a restaurant and getting to know fellow travellers. Transiting to local cars, there will be a short time to watch the Bedouin agriculture in the desert, a short walk on soft sands of the desert while having snacks and lunch, continuing with the trip by cars around the salt lake until reaching the Wandering Lake, followed by having dinner camping around fire and stargazing.
Day 2: Having breakfast and packing to get ready for getting on the camels at 7:30 in the morning, continuing along the road with a combination of camel riding and walking. Having lunch in Poonak Heights.

A short break for afternoon tea, then continuing with walk or camel ride until reaching the camping area and having dinner around the fire.

Note: In case you get tired or we are short of time, we will continue along the road by car.

Day 3: Having breakfast and packing, then continuing along the road by car, walking in the national park and visiting Sefidab Caravanserai.

We will then continuing along the road to Turkmen castles. This will be followed by a short stop for lunch and visiting an ancient water reservoir, locally known as ab anbar. We will then continue the trip to Bahram Caravanserai and setting up camp in there follow by having dinner and rest.

Day 4: Having breakfast, then packing and moving luggage to the utility vehicle, then walking to the Haram of Shah Abbas, then heading to Tehran having lunch at a restaurant with an evening snack of ice cream.

Difficulties of the Iran Silk Road tour

Iran Silk Road Tour - SURFIRAN

Iran Silk Road Tour – SURFIRAN

There is no fully functioning shower available in desert. There is access to a very basic shower system in residential area overnight, this will however need users to heat up water themselves and carry to the shower.

In most of the areas there is no telephone reception

Most of the time you will need to use basic toilet facilities in desert

Please be aware that although will have a cook on board and all the food ingredients are healthy and high quality preparation, serving food is not easy.

Transportation for the Iran Silk Road tour

We will have access to a bus to go and come back from the desert area. Once there, we will have four wheel drives to carry bags and food and it will be available for those who wish to get a lift by car rather than a camel ride,

Necessary things to bring are: Light mountain walking shoes, little backpack, light suitable clothes, hat and sunglasses, sleeping bag, mat, extra clothes and jacket to protect against wind, water bottle, personal cup, headlamp, personal medicine, a big backpack that can fit all your belongings and some photo ID.

Important Note: While this is an adventurous and a unique trip that will create good memories and become a unique experience whilst traveling to Iran, it comes with its own difficulties and comfort issues.

  • This is a fully catered trip throughout the desert and you do not need to bring food for yourself.
  • We will provide you with snacks such as fruits, drinks, cupcakes, tea on wood fire and herbal tea.
  • You do not need to carry your backpack while crossing the desert.
  • While crossing the desert you have the option to walk or get lift to the destination.
  • We’ll have a first aid officer on board.

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