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Iran to Attend Frankfurt Book Fair along with 70 Countries

Considered as the biggest book fair in the world, the gala will be held from October 19-23, IRNA wrote.

Amir-Masoud Shahramnia said that Iran has been taking part in the event for 11years and a special pavilion has been designated for displaying Iranian publications.

The current edition of the festival will host four or five Iranian publications in separate pavilions as well as a national pavilion featuring the cultural products of 19 Iranian publications for adults and children in a group pavilion.

The participation of Iranian publications in the fair is of high significance to introduce Iran’s cultural products worldwide, he noted.

Flanders & the Netherlands together will be the Guest of Honor at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2016. With the slogan ‘Dit is wat we delen’ (‘This is what we share’), they will present not just novels, nonfiction and poetry, but also new forms that have emerged from the book arts, creative industry and other artistic fields.

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