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Iranian Avaz Acclaimed by Italian Group

Atabak Eliasi, workshop trainer and head of Music Composition Department at Tehran University's Art Faculty, said that sharing experience and the mentality of composers and players constituted an important objective for the project, reported Mehr News Agency.

"When a great and world-renowned orchestra comes to Iran, they bring a distinctive culture of music to the country. This provides us, as hosts, a unique experience to develop a better and first-hand understanding of their music. The process however is a two-way street and they also get a new picture and mentality about Iranian music to share with global audience," Eliasi told reporters on the sidelines of the workshop.

"An important feature of Iranian avaz is its effort to take non-Iranian audience by shock and awe coupled with admiration — something I experienced during the workshop. Young musicians from the World Youth Orchestra had a sense of admiration when they heard Persian lyrics and the accompanying music. They were quite mesmerized by the unique feelings the avaz was trying to instill in the room," he added.

A joint concert by Tehran Symphony Orchestra and World Youth Orchestra — a part of greater project 'Italy's Voice for Iran' — will perform at Tehran's Vahdat Hall on August 10-12.

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