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Iranian Designer Says “Speed in City II” Will Surprise Gamers

He made the remarks during the unveiling ceremony of the racing video game, which was held under the auspices of the National Foundation for Computer Games (NFCG) at Sarv Cultural Center in Tehran.

Motorcycle and Automobile Federation of Iran Director Mahmud Seydanlu, top Iranian speed driver Shervin Yaqaneh and several representatives of local video game companies attended the event.

Domestically-made platforms and sophisticated infrastructure that our team has built up over a five year span of time can be regarded as the backbone of the project, explained Ahmadi, who works for Arvin Tech Studio.

“Speed in City II” is also comparable in quality to the internationally-known speed games such as such as “Need for Speed” by American developer Electronic Arts, Inc., Ahmadi said.

He added that the game as a sequel to their earlier productions brings together a very rich story line with loads of cars and characters that are scattered around a vibrant urban area of about 70 square meters.

According to its distributers, “Speed in City II” is scheduled to come to market within days.

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