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Iranian Films Awarded in Indian Festival

The film 'Here' by Sina Shafiee ranked the first in the event while 'Hands for Father' produced by Nasim Madadi was awarded the third prize in the up-to-one minute category, IRNA reported.

The film 'Fish and I' by Babak Habibifar took the first prize and 'The Known Silence' by Mehdi Qorban was ranked the third in the up-to-five minute category.

Meanwhile, the short film 'When a Line of Light Shines' by Shahriar Pourseyyedian was among the films selected by the panel of jury in the up- to-30 minute category.

The film 'Our Little Circle' by Mohammad Fazel Pouraboutaleb was awarded the first prize while 'The Steps of One Hand', created by Kayoumars Samadi-Tari, was ranked the second in the up-to-60 minute category.

'We Care Film Festival' is a well-known international festival specializing on topics about the handicapped. It aims to change the wrong attitudes towards the disabled and change the outlook and the way people treat the disabled.

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