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Kiarostami’s ‘Ten’ Screened in Malaysia

A member of Malaysian Film Club, Vang Chiong told IRNA that more works by Kiarostami will be screened in Malaysia during the coming months.

Offering condolences for the late filmmaker, he hoped that Iran's support would enable Malaysians to get to know Kiarostami well.

Kiarostami, 76, succumbed to death in Paris, France, on July 4 after fighting gastrointestinal cancer for four months. He was in France for further treatment.

Kiarostami was the only Iranian filmmaker who won the Palme D'Or — the top prize at Cannes — with his 1997 film 'Taste of Cherry', a film to appreciate life in a delicate way based on Iranian values.

He had also been invited to join the Academy Awards members on June 29. The movie 'Ten' was among the top 500 world movies in 2008.

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