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Mobile Phone and Internet in Iran

Mobile in Iran

Mobile Phone and Internet in Iran – Local simcard are resemble in Iran so you don’t need to use roaming services, also mobile Internet works fine within the populated areas.

You can buy a prepaid simcard for 150,000 rials (~ 4USD) and you need to register it in the government office. You can ask at the phone shop you are buying the card from for the nearest office or ask him to register.

MTN Irancell

Irancell is the second largest mobile phone network operator of Iran. It is 49% owned by the South Africa-based MTN Group.

Mobile Phone in Iran – The registration process

The registration process is tedious and might take easily over an hour. You need to be patient and it is best to bring a friend who speaks Farsi. Bring your passport, and you will be required to leave a copy of your fingerprint and pay a service charge of around 20,000 rials.

The cost of calls and texts is reasonable and phone top-ups can be easily purchased from convenience shops anywhere in Iran.

Internet in Iran

The Internet is widely available, though be aware that some sites may be blocked and the connection may not be very fast; Hotmail is particularly slow.

Hotels generally have Wi-Fi and in most towns and cities it will be reasonably easy to find cheap internet access.

Do note that Facebook is officially blocked, but the young and creative have their ways around it. Some internet cafés in larger cities have Facebook on their PCs.

Alternatively, ask an Iranian friend to help. Some smaller hotels in Iran still have a fax machine as opposed to email or a website. In this book we supply a fax number when there is no email address or website available.

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