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Today, we are going on a pilgrimage to the first group of Nomads.

They are Bakhtiari Nomads living in Zagros Mountain ranges. They are the most authentic Nomads of Iran who do seasonal migrations. We are going to do ‘Kuch’ (Migration) with them and by doing ‘Migration’ and living a nomadic lifestyle for a few days, we are going to soak up a primitive nomadic life, as if we live in the past.

It is like a ‘living museum’ of indigenous people of Iran. That’s why it is called an ‘Odyssey’; as after these series of experiences we are going to learn so many things about life & ourselves.

This morning, take in the spectacular view of the flock wandering around the surrounding green pastures. Today is the day of Migration: A Great Day for the Nomads. For 3 days we accompany them in their epic migration in Zagros mountain ranges.

During these 3 days, we have an overall of 42 km hiking. ‘Flexibility’ is a keyword, since there is no fixed plan due to the Nomads’ flexible routine (sometimes we face some unexpected adventures to which we need to atadpt ourselves). While moving behind the flock in Zagros mountainous regions, don’t forget to devour the scenic beauty of the area – a view you never forget.

You are all surrounded by imposing mountains or oak trees with the sound of sheep’s bell in your ears. Take photos and soak up the view. In the afternoon, when the Nomads stop moving & set up the black tent, you have plenty of quiet to enjoy the spectacular surroundings. At nights, a cool night’s sleep under the starry sky in the lower mountain temperatures would be quite enjoyable. You never forget the authentic nomadic lifestyle you experience while doing Kuch.

On day 5, we say goodbye to the Nomads to continue our expedition to an amazing mountain village called Khouye. After 3 days migration with the nomads, a comfortable cozy village house would be a perfect lodge.

Here we are rewarded with vast fruit gardens and wonderful old village houses. From the village, we will also have a fabulous view of the surrounding mountains. We will stay in the village for the night.

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