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Sayeh Theater Troupe to Perform “The Door” in U.S.

The play will first go on stage at the New York International Fringe Festival (Fringe NYC), running from August 12 to 28, Mashhur told the Persian service of Honaronline on Monday.

“We will have seven performances during the festival, in which over 1,000 performances from different countries will take place within 16 days,” he added.

“The troupe will later have performances for ten nights in Chicago,” he remarked, adding that their next destination will be Sweden.

Mashhur also said that the play will be performed in English, “I have made slight changes in the play and have shortened the dialogues.”

“How do you deal with this? You plan to travel, but your suitcase throws out everything… like there is anyone else… whatever you put in, she takes out. You want to leave, she wants to stay. Do you want to experience a dilemma?” reads the synopsis of the play.

The play was staged in Iran last year under the title “It Was in Departures, Where Reyhaneh Was Lost”.

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10 Day tour – Discover the Beauty of The Iran

This tour gives us the best chance to explore Iran uncover! Starting with the Tehran, then continuing through the Isfahan and Shiraz. This can be safely called the most authentic trip. In terms of beauty, authenticity, great food, remains of forgotten ancient civilizations. this tour is among the best trips one could ever takes in one’s life.

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Excavation in Amol Old City Uncovers Pottery, Glass

Ebrahim Amirkalaei the head of the expedition told Mehr News local correspondent in northern city of Amol that investigations of the site for architectural spaces belonging to Islamic, medieval, and modern periods had been based on written histories at hand, however, “new excavations in coordination with city municipality allowed systematic excavations in the Hall of Fame part of the site; this is the first ever such well-organized excavation of the site in Amol’s old section and a beginning of regular excavations to find insight into city’s distant as well as recent past,” he told Mehr News.

“Excavation has been carried out in north and northwest parts and another in central part of the site; the northwest excavation was cut into the opening of brick-walled well identified while leveling operation was underway, to create better chances to understand architecture of the spaces to which excavations gave birth,” he detailed. “The excavation identified 16 contexts including diverse architectural spaces; among the objet d’art are glazed ceramic and glass; architectural spaces are apart according to their different times of construction; the brick-walled well belongs to modern Qajar period and to the southeast of the well, we found a square space with an arch; we estimate it to have belonged to 9th and 10th AD according to the pottery and brick types used,” Amirkalaei asserted.

The head of expedition also pointed to pottery objects found in the site; “the most important pottery especially carved and glazed type belong to 4th and 5th centuries AD, light-weight Amol pottery and unicolor glaze on vogue in 5th and 7th AD belong to Saljukid era; Ilkhanid-era pottery also were found with dark scripts under an azure glaze and even celadon-type pottery of the Safavid era were among the objets trouves,” Amirkalaei told Mehr News.

“The glass objects had been built by blowing the air and drying in the open air; the northern part of site was excavated to explain why wells are dug in proximity to each other and their applications; apart from Islamic-era pottery, we found large volumes of once-molten and deformed glass, which gives force to this hypothesis that the site had been an industrial glass-making workshop,” he said. “Bronze coins found during the excavations would help dating of the layers of the unearthed material strata.”

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Visit Golestan National Park and Miankaleh Peninsula in 3-Days

Explore fabled Golestan National that is an Iranian National Park in Golestan Province, and the Miankaleh peninsula northwestern Iran with our expert Trip Leader, well-spoken and experienced in sharing his native land with travelers.

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“Red Line” to Vie at Constantine’s Gold Coin

Produced by Saba Center, Red Line using a two-dimensional technique, has garnered many awards and titles so far, including the first prize at the 2013 Eastern Breeze International Film Festival in the Canadian city of Toronto, Gold Statue for best screenplay at Tehran International Animation Festival and best animated movie at Indian Film Festival.

The nine minute animation features a turtle and a lizard that are caught up in a cross fire. A decision by the turtle can put an end to the occurred problem but other incidents interrupt the result, MNA reported.

The International Animated Film Festival for children and youth “Constantine’s gold coin” is organized to promote cultural creativity of children and youth.

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Intl. Motion Picture Festival Honors Iranian Films

According to Tehran Times, Iranian director Shahram Maslakhi’s war drama “Lovers Die Standing” won the best feature film award.

The best experimental animation award went to “Junk Girl” by Mohammad Zare’ and Shalaleh Kheiri, while “A Silhouette” by Keikavus Yakideh received the best experimental film award.

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