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Sayeh Theater Troupe to Perform “The Door” in U.S.

The play will first go on stage at the New York International Fringe Festival (Fringe NYC), running from August 12 to 28, Mashhur told the Persian service of Honaronline on Monday.

“We will have seven performances during the festival, in which over 1,000 performances from different countries will take place within 16 days,” he added.

“The troupe will later have performances for ten nights in Chicago,” he remarked, adding that their next destination will be Sweden.

Mashhur also said that the play will be performed in English, “I have made slight changes in the play and have shortened the dialogues.”

“How do you deal with this? You plan to travel, but your suitcase throws out everything… like there is anyone else… whatever you put in, she takes out. You want to leave, she wants to stay. Do you want to experience a dilemma?” reads the synopsis of the play.

The play was staged in Iran last year under the title “It Was in Departures, Where Reyhaneh Was Lost”.

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