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Travel With Bakhtiari Tribes : Discovering Bakhtiari Culture – SURFIRAN

Enjoy the morning in beautiful green pastures shepherding the herd. Nomads usually wake up at 6:00 A.M to go shepherding. We can accompany them to the surrounding mountains or plains until 7 A.M.

We will have breakfast at 8 A.M. Afterwards, we leave the nomadic village and continue our way through Poshtkuh protected area. We will see dense forests of oak tree.

On our way, we will stop by some off the beaten track villages like Chin where some Bakhtiyari nomads have settled down. Visiting the settled nomads in old, simple village houses in a remote mountain area would be such a new experience for those who are used to living in cities.

Our next destination is Khouyeh village where we are going to have lunch in a typical village house with a view of an imposing mountain. Khouyeh is an organic village with different fruit gardens; peach, tomato, apricot, eggplant, pepper and also wheat. All of them are produced with no chemical fertilizer. So, here is our chance to have healthy delicious food. The evening is yours to explore the village and see the watermill. While you are going through the village, you will see women spinning thread, weaving handicrafts, milking the livestock and men insulating the roofs with traditional methods and doing gardening.

The night we will be in a rural home-stay in the village where we are going to know more about their culture and way of life.

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