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Welcome to Chabahar port

Welcome To Chabahar Port

Things to know before you visit Chabahar

Where is Chabahar?

Chabahar is a region located in south-east of Sistan-Baluchestan province, in the boundary of Makran Sea and Indian Ocean, famous as the commercial free zone in Iran.
Chabahar is an extraordinary port with hidden wonderful blessings and images.

Why traveling to Chabahar?

It is moderate in most of the time of the year and is considered as one of the most effective economical places in the Middle-East.

Chabahar Gulf is one of the biggest gulfs in whole Iran, near Oman Sea.

Music and traditional customs have changed the port to a unique place. Celebrating religious ceremonies such as Ghorban and Fetr (a religious Eid after Ramadan) are still common among inhabitants.

Handicrafts and various souvenirs, mouth-watering local food, natural and cultural attractions hospitalize people with different opinions warmly in order to stick in their minds the best moment of travelling.

Traditional Needle work is one of the most popular souvenirs of Chabahar. Photo:

What souvenirs can you buy?

Chabahar is the symbol of combination of souvenirs consisting of local sweet, indigenous sea food (shrimp and fish), coin and mirror sewing, goldsmithing, traditional needlework, weaving nomad tents, kilim and embroidery.

What is the local food like?

People invite you warmly to taste local food, therefore they are proud of their culinary culture.

Local Abgoosht, Ojizak, Tabaheg, local omelette(omelet), Darzanak, Batt Maash, Bork, Pakoureh and so on are just some part of food you can eat here.

Pakoureh is one of the local foods in Chabahar. Photo:

What kind of tourist attractions exist in the area?

You can visit the following picturesque sites and more in this area.

The miniature mountains:

An amazing and eye-catching geo-tourism attraction which is stretched from Kachou region to Goater Gulf.

The miniature mountains of Chabahar. photo: SurfIran

Lipar wetland:

Located in 15 km to the east of Chabahar, Lipar pond is also famous as pink pond just because of attractive color it has.

Caves of Ban Masiti:

Tripled caves located in ancient village named Tis near Chabahar county and are 25 meters higher than ground.

Chabahar charming beaches:

The beaches in south east of Iran are really attractive to go through the life style of local people. Sunrise and sunset have picturesque views in Chabahar like a memorable meditation.

Mud volcano fountains of mountain:

The natural phenomena in Chabahar as exquisite natural geo-tourist attraction, a fabulous one which in there the mud underground reaches onto the surface to produce bubbles.

Gel Afshan Mud Volcano. photo: SurfIran

Gwadar port:

A charming port that is reputed as a place for immigrant birds especially in autumn.

Gwadar gulf is a protected area concerning being located the neighborhood of Hara forests.

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