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Wildlife Tour at Khar Turan National Park

Trip Outline

Khar Turan National Park or Touran Wildlife Refuge is second largest biosphere reserves Iran located in south-east of Shahrood, Semnan province of Iran. In this tour we will see Persian Zebra,  Stay and Experience the Stepped village, Village of Qāla-Bala, Walking on sand dunes, Campfire, Stargazing, Also in the area Khar Touran there is chance to see some of unique animal species such as Goitered gazelle, Pallas’s cat, Persian ground jay and Houbara.


We start our journey at 5:00 am, After breakfast in a local restaurant we go to Damghan and visit Tarik-Khane mosque. Then we continue our trip to Shahrood and having lunch in a local cuisine at 13:00pm. We go to Qala Bala village which is a unique village in Iran.

The Courtyards and roofs in this village both serve as pedestrian areas similar to streets. Then we get into a local house and walking around the village, gardens and local shops.


After breakfast we go to Reza Abad which is a desert village in Shahrood to see Persian Zebra, After lunch we go for a short break, visit local handicraft, walking on sand dunes we turn back to Qala-Bala village.


After breakfast we visit Bastam, Bayazid Bastami Mosque who was a Persian Sufi we back to Tehran.

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